Established in 1999. Rainbow Pest Control is proud to be a leader in the pest control industry in Southwest Missouri. We use top of the line products that get you top of the line results. Because Rainbow Pest Control is locally owned and operated, we are able to be there for our clients in availability, customer service and cost effectiveness.

Destroying pests since 1999 has allowed for us to gain plenty of experience when it comes to eliminating the pesky bugs you hate.

Rainbow Pest Control is here to bring you the most effective products and services to keep pests away. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In order to bring you a quality pest free environment we use top of the line products such as TERMIDOR®.

Since 1999 we have been locally owned and operated. We have established many clients in the community that you know and trust.


Your home is for you and your family, not a family full of bugs. These pesky little guys can get annoying. Request an estimate today to take the first step in creating a pest free environment for you and your family.


Keeping a safe environment for your clients as well as employees is just as important as keeping your family safe. We provide services to keep your business pest free so that you are able to run a professional, healthy business.


Are little critters keeping you up at night? Are you buying a new house and want to know if there are any pests? That's what we're here for! With our top of the line services your home or business can be pest free.

Inspecting your home is a must in early detection of termites or any other invading pests. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

We serve multiple industries from hospitality to construction. Keeping your business pest free is key. We have been serving many different industries since 1999, what's next?

Destroying the general variety of pests is our favorite. All the spiders, beatles, scorpions, and more that you hate are we what we love!

Mosquitoes can ruin your summer! With our premium mosquito service you will survive the summer without being viciously attacked by mosquitoes.

Bed bugs can keep you up at night. With out Thermal Remediation Treatment you will rest easy! They can't stand the heat.

Termites can lead to a destroyed structure that will be a hassle to repair. Instead let us use TERMIDOR®, a premium product, to prevent your home from being destroyed.


We can stop the Termite eating your home in their tracks. Termidor is America's #1 Termite Defense Product. Termidor uses a undetectable transfer effect product that will eliminate the eating on your home. The termites take the product back to their colony and share it with each other eliminating the entire colony.


Our General Pest Control Services are guaranteed for 30 days from your initial application. We are proud to offer a 24 hour from your call same day call back service guarantee.